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An on-stage hug from "The Father of Rock'n'Roll", Chuck Berry.
Brendan Loughrey, born June 13th 1970, this County Donegal native has witnessed first-hand the hardships and struggles of life along the Irish border divide during the very worst of times.  However, a strong family tradition of music, song and storytelling has emboldened Brendan with a solid conviction and foundation that has since evolved into his passionate, brutally honest songwriting and unforgettable LIVE performances.  Brendan's Father (also Brendan) bought him his first guitar at the ripe old age of 15, a replica Chuck Berry electric guitar, with the prophetical words "You'll reach more people with this guitar son, than you'll ever reach with a rifle".  Very quickly becoming a local celebrity, Brendan was immediately recognized for his uniquely powerful and heartfelt renditions of the Irish songs and ballads that he'd grown up listening to.  Soon finding himself "on the road", in the 39 years since, he has made thousands of appearances all over the world.

His hard-earned reputation of remaining uncompromisingly true to his music followed him to Music City, USA, when, in January of 1999, Brendan was offered the position as House Musician at the (then) largest Irish Pub in North America, The Seanachie Irish Pub (Shawn-a-key) in Nashville, Tennessee. This very prestigious position was to be the turning point in Brendan's career. Brendan's very first performance in late January 1999 at The Seanachie, 4th & Broadway, Nashville, TN, was a truly remarkable evening. In the audience that night, was Americana folk legend John Prine (John's wife, Fiona, is from County Donegal), the infamous Comedian Jackie Mason, Warner Brothers Records Nashville, Vice President, Bob "Screamin' Johnny Wales" Saporitti and former Waterboy's & Stockton's Wing drummer, the Dublin born Mr. Fran Breen. To make a very long story short, after his show that cold winters evening, Brendan found himself at a Nashville "after-party" with Nigel Paul (Manfred Mann), Dennis Locorriere (Dr. Hook), Ray Fleck (Garth Brooks Band), Nancy Peppers (Marc Almond, Softcell), Mark Niemic (Atlantic Records) and a host of other remarkably talented artists of all kinds and from all walks of the entertainment industry. This solitary fortuitous whiskey-filled evening eventually led to the release of Brendan's 1st Solo Album "Atlantic Breeze" which featured the amazing talents of Fran Breen, Elio Giordano, Mark Neimic, Pat Finnegan, DeAnn Whalen, Rob Nicholson, Vickie & Etta Carrick and the late, and gloriously-eccentric, Argyle Bell, and Brendan!

Now into his 40th year of Live performances, Brendan has had the privilege of sharing the stage with many magnificent talents, notably being asked to open for acts such as his childhood hero and "The Father Of Rock 'n' Roll", Chuck Berry. Also, Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, Lorrie Morgan, Sting & more. Brendan was the Dialect Coach for Brian Friels' play "Freedom Of The City", he has performed the Star Spangled Banner from a sold out Wrigley Field Baseball Stadium in Chicago several times and has released 4 more recent (CD) Albums including the stunningly unexpected hit, "Last Set Of The Night", voted Celtic Album of the Year.

A musician/composer/songwriter and a passionate entertainer, Brendan Loughrey is a hard-working and exceptional talent.

A few quotes...

"Man, that skinny little white boy sure can sing"... Chuck Berry

"God bless you Brendan"... Smokey Robinson

"Keep up the great work"... Brian Warfield (Wolfe Tones)

"A genuinely Irish frontman with an amazingly powerful and uniquely distinctive voice"...
Jimmy Olander (Founding Member, Diamond Rio)

"I have a lot of acts who come through my pubs and I have to say, to all those venues out there who haven't enjoyed Brendan yet, you have to book him, he is simply one of the very finest, you just don't know what you are missing"...
Jerry O'Bryan (9 Irish Brothers Traditional Irish Pubs)

"No-one should sing John Prine songs except John Prine & Brendan"... Jim Barton