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The 20th Annual and prestigious
Kankakee Area Music Awards (KAMA)
vote our very own Brendan Loughrey
Awards Night - Friday, April 10th, 2015,
The Majestic Theatre, Kankakee, Illinois.
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To Those Who Fell - The new, stunningly pure 20 song album, available now 

"Man, that skinny little white boy sure can sing"... Chuck Berry
"God Bless you Brendan"... Smokey Robinson
"Keep up the great work"... Brian Warfield

Brendan's new solo album features five originals and fifteen of Ireland’s most treasured and emotive songs, presented just as they were written and intended to be, timeless stories of truth, rebellion and bravery. His distinctive powerhouse vocals and stunning guitar work coupled with his pure, unaltered recording style allow the listener to feel the emotion behind the song, stripped bare of anything other than the inherent purity of the song itself. Brendan's un-nerving ability to convey the meaning of a song to the listener is not something which can be taught or learned. Before the last note echoes in your ears you will have clapped your hands, stomped your feet, sang aloud, pounded your fist in the air and maybe even felt a little nostalgic. This is the wonderful new album, To Those Who Fell.

A review by James Riordan 

By James Riordan, author of the N.Y. Times Bestseller,
Break on Through: The Life & Death of Jim Morrison.

          The power and passion of true Irish music has given way in recent years to what was originally a small part of it.  The giddy little ditties that you hear so much of in places that call themselves “Irish” bars was originally used in true Irish music as a little light-hearted relief from the intensity and pain driven songs that made up the majority of the genre.  That power and deep sincerity has been largely lost in many of the performers today. Not so for Brendan Loughrey.  His true Irish heart screams with the deep ring of truth in all his songs.  What makes it so meaningful is the cry for justice that rings as loud in his songs as it once did in his homeland of Donegal.

         Brendan Loughrey has not forgotten what made Irish music so endearing.  It was not only the tenderness of love being expressed but also the passion for righteousness from a people that had been denied so much.  When one listens to Brendan one feels the pain of the famine and the hurt of the cruelty.  In his voice you hear the call to arms, you can see the crushed young bodies who tried to take a stand for what was right and you can sense the truth and the spirit of a people who were willing to die for what they believed. 

         In an age where few people dare take a stand for anything, it is so refreshing to hear the tales of those who put their life on the line and clung to the joy of their rich history even while they were suffering and dying in the streets.  Brendan Loughrey is the finest Irish experience we have, a national treasure that must be seen and heard to be fully appreciated.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be grandly entertained. And you won’t forget.